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12.6.17: Museum Staff Holiday Gift Guide

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Are you still looking for the perfect gifts to give this holiday season? NMAJH staff members are here to help! Below we’ve shared eight of our favorite items from the NMAJH Museum Store. Whether you’re lighting the candles for Hanukkah or celebrating another holiday, the Museum Store offers a variety of unique and thoughtful items.

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Jennifer Isakowitz, Public Relations & Digital Marketing Manager

“I love this bright, handcrafted menorah created by Israel-based studio Tzuki Art. Its design is meant to celebrate family joy and togetherness, and my favorite Hanukkah memories all involve my family, from lighting the candles to competitive dreidel contests to being gifted a new book every night (something my siblings and I eventually grew to appreciate…).”
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Charlie Hersh, Education Coordinator

“Everyone has that one friend (or several) who always makes amazing food, no matter what it is. This server is a great way to deliver your praise – every time they serve food, they will hear you telling them, ‘mazel tov!’”
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Emily August, Director of Communications and Public Engagement

“One of my favorite gifts to give from the NMAJH Museum Store is this Mini Apple Honey Pot and Israel Honey Gift Set. I love that they feature local as well as Israeli honey. I know these are traditionally Rosh Hashanah gifts, but I think it’s never out of season to wish someone a sweet year!”
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Tessa Kennamer, Communications Intern

“The Zahav Cookbook is an incredibly beautiful, exciting, and accessible journey through Israeli cuisine. I gifted it to my father last year and he now makes chef Michael Solomonov’s hummus weekly!”
Gift guide 5Cobi Weissbach, Director of Development

“Hanukkah has always been one of my favorite holidays; as a child it was the thrill of new presents that had me looking forward to Hanukkah throughout the year.

During Hanukkah in 2003, my wife and I had the great pleasure of lighting Hanukkah candles with our closest friends and family, as we were married on the third night of Hanukkah. Since then, the holiday has taken on a new meaning, and we still use the same menorah with our family that we used that wedding night.

But once we had children of our own, we wanted to be sure that they also loved the holiday, and not just for the presents. So, it was important that we let each of our kids pick out their own menorah, so they could also feel some ownership and connection to the mitzvah of lighting the Hanukkah candles. With so many great menorah options, this “menorasaur” is a wonderful piece to engage our adolescent son, combining his love of dinosaurs, and Jewish tradition.”
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Shira Goldstein, Exhibitions Manager
“Nothing says Hanukkah quite like fried dough and Federal Donuts makes the best in Philly, maybe even the country! The NMAJH Museum Store has signed copies of the Federal Donuts Cookbook for sale, which will make your recipient feel like they’ve experienced a Hanukkah miracle.”
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Megan Helzner, Associate Director of Development, Annual & Corporate Giving
“The Cawfee mug and Shugah bowl are just so much fun. I love having fun with accents, so this “Brooklynese” set (as the Store affectionately calls it) always makes me smile. I also love cawfee, so how could I resist?”
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Lauren Gross, Education and Admissions Assistant

“I think the Instant Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Kit would be an incredible gift because it includes a bunch of patches that you can put not just on a sweater for a party (which is so funny and such a good idea), but also can be worn on bags or jackets all year-round to add some extra flare to the everyday outfit! It’s a gift that keeps on giving!”