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3.1.18: Recipe for Success: A book cart, tap dancing, hundreds of students, and the Lundy Law Foundation

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Thanks to the Lundy Law Foundation, we are able to bring the 2018 year of Courageous Choices: Finding Your Creative Voice at NMAJH to hundreds of students, right in line with the Foundations’ mission of your education.

Courageous Choices is a signature Museum initiative that brings history to life for students (ages 10 and up). The students analyze and interpret documents, events, and participate in an interactive Museum Tour that helps give them an understanding of historical figures who exemplify American values and freedom.

The cornerstone of the program is a theatrical performance of 1 Pound, 4 Ounces, created and performed by Khalil Munir. The one-man show tells a story – his story -- of overcoming adversities and hurdles in life.  Plus, he tap dances.  It’s amazing.  The students are captivated every time.

Thanks to the Lundy Law Foundation, at the end of their school visit, students are now able to take home books donated by the Foundation to continue their educational journey.  And we have a cool new book cart – see the photo above!


There are more chances to participate this school year --

Friday, April 6, 2018
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Additional dates will be added for the fall and winter in advance of the next school year.

To learn more about our educational offerings or to take part in Courageous Choices, click here.

Photo: Judy Lundy with Khalil Munir giving out copies of Jacqueline Woodson’s miracle’s boys to 5th grade participants in the January 2018 presentation of Courageous Choices. As a part of their sponsorship The Lundy Law Foundation will give books to all 5th through 8th graders who experience Courageous Choices in 2018.