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Smithsonian Affiliation

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The National Museum of American Jewish History is proud to be a Smithsonian Affiliate. The Museum has access to the Smithsonian Institution's collections and resources, permitting it to borrow artifacts from the Smithsonian’s estimated 142-million-piece collection – from colonial Judaic artifacts and historic documents to fine art and objects of contemporary significance and fine art to – to be shown as part of special exhibitions or to be incorporated into our core exhibition.

This affiliation also allows the Museum to take advantage of the Smithsonian’s educational resources and expertise in the areas of conservation, collections care and exhibit development for both staff training and consultation. The National Museum of American Jewish History is able to call upon Smithsonian experts to present programs on behalf of the Museum, as has already been done with great success. Our members now have the opportunity to become Smithsonian Affiliate members at a minimal additional cost.