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Group visits may be self-guided or your group may enjoy a guided tour led by one of our experienced docents.
Available tours are listed below.

Check the Museum's calendar for special programs or lectures that may occur on the day of your groups visit.

With advance notice, guided tours may be available in English, Hebrew, French, and American Sign Language tours. Contact Group Services to confirm availability.   

Private guided tours for groups of fewer than 15 are also available.
Those groups should still submit this form or contact Group Services.

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The tours listed below are designed for adult and family groups. For guided activities and lessons for school and camp groups, please visit Education or contact the Education Department
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Special Exhibitions
Only available for a limited time, each temporary exhibition provides a truly special opportunity for your group they may not have the chance to experience again.  Call or email today to book this experience. For more about our exhibitions, visit our exhibitions page.

Currently on-view:Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (through January 12, 2020)

Overview Tour

Geared to and highly recommended for first-time visitors to the Museum, this tour offers an overview of 350+ years of the American Jewish experience, from 1654 to the present. Covering all three floors of the Core Exhibition, the tour explores key artifacts and stories in the context of the ongoing challenges and opportunities presented by unprecedented freedom. This is a great way for visitors to become oriented to the Museum’s many galleries, objects, films, and interactive components.
Groups Booking a Visit Intro Tour
Thematic Tours

America’s History of Imperfect Freedom

Although coming from different places and for different reasons, the Jews immigrating to America over the centuries have all shared a common dream: to live in freedom. But the freedom they found here has been imperfect, tainted by anti-Semitism, racism, and discrimination. This tour explores how prejudice and social injustice, and responses to it, have shaped both the American Jewish community and its relationship to American society at large.

Women in American Jewish History
From housewives, mothers, and keepers of Jewish tradition to social activists, community organizers, and champions of civil rights, this tour examines the changing roles of women from the 1650s to the present day, exploring the contributions they made to both Jewish and American life. Abigail Franks, Rebecca Gratz, Henrietta Szold, Emma Goldman, and Betty Friedan are among the notable women whose stories are highlighted.
Groups Booking a Visit Women Tour
Deeper Dives

Groups who have experienced the Overview Tour, exploring all three floors of the Core Exhibition, may wish to return for an in-depth look at a single floor, concentrated on a particular period of time. The following options are available:

The Foundations of Freedom Tour
This tour of the 4th Floor (the first floor of the Core) covers the period from 1654 to 1880, and includes such engaging stories as the first 23 Jews to arrive on these shores and their lives in the early colonies; the role of Jews in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars; and changes in the Jewish Community during America’s westward expansion. Among the fascinating individuals encountered are George Washington, Rebecca Gratz, Levi Strauss, and Ulysses S. Grant. Even experienced history buffs may discover they still have things to learn on this journey!

The Dreams of Freedom Tour
This tour of the 3rd Floor examines the period from 1880 to 1945. From our award-winning "Dreams of Freedom" media piece to the shirt-waist factory installation, the early galleries present an engrossing view of the opportunities and challenges facing European immigrants who entered American life between 1880 and 1924. The latter galleries cover World War I through the Holocaust and World War II. An array of stories, both entertaining and disturbing, are featured, including the trial of Leo Frank; the Jewish moguls in Hollywood; Louis Brandeis’ role as Zionist spokesman; and the U.S. State Department’s actions during the Holocaust.
Groups - Deeper Dive Tours

Image, top of page: Rosh Hashanah postcard, ca. 1910, National Museum of American Jewish History, 1985.64.13, Dedicated in memory of Sallie M. Gross by Jane Barr Pino  

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