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Distance Learning


Want a Museum tour in your own classroom? Whether you live in Philadelphia, PA or Philadelphia, MS, you can have the Museum visit you in your classroom.  We currently offer the following program:

Becoming American: History of Immigration 1880s-1920s

Becoming American highlights the journey of a young woman named Eva Baen in order to familiarize participants with the realities faced by many immigrants who came to the United States at the turn of the 20th century. Participants are encouraged to “walk” in Eva’s shoes by piecing together aspects of her life, using Eva’s personal objects as well as primary source documents.

The program introduces some of the main concepts pertaining to the immigration of people of Jewish heritage from Eastern Europe and Russia and introduces participants to the practice of examining and analyzing primary source historical artifacts and documents. Using the contents of the Traveling Suitcase, participants get a chance to experience how historians and museum staff use artifacts to complete research and tell stories through exhibitions.

There are three ways to bring this program to your school, synagogue, nursing home, or other community center:
     Option A: A Museum educator visits your community to conduct activities in person (available now to schools in the Greater Philadelphia area).
     Option B: Suitcase with lesson plans and support materials is sent to your community for community leaders to use on their own. Complimentary Professional Development Training available for leaders who choose this option.
     Option C: Suitcase with lesson plans and support materials is sent to your community and a Museum Educator conducts lesson via video-conference.

For information on other Traveling Museum options or on how to reserve a program, contact