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3.14.19 'Sara Berman's Closet' opens next month.

1.29.19 Jewish American Heritage Month theme announced!


12.24.18 Award-Winning Essay by 8th grade student Anna Wessel

12.11.18 Antisemitism in America: Is Hate Speech Free Speech?

11.28.18 'The Art of Rube Goldberg'

11.1.18 #ToBigotryNoSanction

9.13.2018 'Bernstein' on the Move!

6.20.18: Shabbat Shira Lenny

5.18.18: Jewish American Heritage Month - Broadway Musicals

4.6.18 Philadelphia Exhibits Bernstein’s Faith through “The Power of Music”

3.1.18: Recipe for Success: A book cart, tap dancing, hundreds of students, and the Lundy Law Foundation


12.6.17: Museum Staff Holiday Gift Guide

11.21.17: Giving Thanks - A Beloved American & American Jewish Tradition

11.16.17: Researching Your Roots

10.31.17: Celebrating Interfaith Family Month

9.28.17: Rapping through Jewish history

9.19.17: Remembering Football Great Sid Luckman

8.24.17: Interns' Favorite Objects, Part 2

8.18.17: Interns' Favorite Objects, Part 1

7.24.17: Summers Come and Gone in the Borscht Belt

7.12.17: Engaging with History in ''1917''

6.23.17: Unpacking Memories

6.2.17: Remembering a Great Philadelphia Artist

5.24.17: Revolutionary: A Pop-Up Street Art Exhibition

5.12.17: Four Books to Read for Jewish American Heritage Month

4.25.17: Discovering the Reinsteins

4.6.17: How about a new Haggadah?

3.24.17: That Time 12 Rappers Descended on NMAJH

2.18.17: Accessibility, Inclusion and NMAJH


12.23.16: Making New Christmas Memories

12.16.16: Museum Staff Holiday Gift Guide

11.30.16: Steely Van, An Abridged Autobiographical Tale

9.2.16: Reflecting on the Café Conversation: “America’s Newest Jews”

8.16.16: Assorted Invitations...

7.20.16: A Stitch (Back) in Time at the Philadelphia History Museum

6.22.16: Reaffirmed Aspirations

5.27.16: A Perfect Fit: A Place to Volunteer Together

3.10.16: Women’s History Month at NMAJH. And Please—Would it hurt to call your mother?

2.9.16: Drumming up Cross-Cultural Understanding

1.7.16: American Roots: The Andrews Family


12.22.15: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

11.24.15: Chutzpah, That’s Dr. Ruth!

A Family Tree with Unexpected Roots

Memories That Bind: Lessons my Grandparents Taught Me

All of Israel is Responsible One for the Other

Staff Pick - Perfect for Yom Ha'atzmaut

A Night at the Round Table

So, what does freedom mean to you?


Life in a Jar