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Testimonials Wedding


"We had so much fun and the space was perfect.  We have received so many compliments about the venue and how beautiful the space was that evening.  We couldn't agree more and couldn't have asked for a more special day.  Thank you to your team and the NMAJH staff for such a fantastic wedding day!" -  Ben F.

"You could imagine how stressful it is to plan your daughters wedding from a long distance and not know the venue, the vendors or the area. You made it happen and we couldn’t have had a wedding in a more beautiful place. Wow."   -  Barbara H.

"Everything was perfect and our guests all told us it was best wedding they had ever been to. That's exactly what we were going for! We had an absolutely perfect weekend, and thank you for allowing us to have the best wedding ever!" - Mary Grace H.

"I praise God for such a wonderful wedding! The museum was the perfect place for it. People commented all night on what a good time they had! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have already recommended the museum to people looking for event venues." - Carmella C.

"Thanks for all your help and coordination this weekend! Everyone loved the venue and had a great time! Thanks for making our wedding special... The museum will always have a special place in our heart and we will continue to support it as young members! -  Becky W.

"We got so much more than a wedding venue; we got a family of supporters who helped make our wedding everything we dreamed it would be and more!" - review

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Testimonials Corporate

Corporate Events

"Thanks so much for everything you did to make the evening one of the most seamless events I've ever hosted!" - Michelle C., Yelp

"It has been a pleasure working with you over the past few months. You and your staff made everything easy for us. It was a great decision on our part to choose the museum as our venue." - Nicholas R, Slice Communications

"Thank you for another great year!!! All staff and guests were very happy with the facility and, as always, you were a dream to work with! I appreciate all you did for us before, and during, the event last Friday. Of all the places we have ever hosted our annual Congress, yours is, by far, our favorite." - Stefany C., Aria 3B Orthopaedic

"I got so many compliments on the venue, and a few that said we should just have it there every year! - Marianne S., Building Industry Association

"All agree that this was our best venue ever. Actually, this was our best event in every way. I would not hesitate to come back for an event – or a celebration." - Michael D., Susanna DeLaurentis Foundation

"Everyone was thrilled with the venue – it provided an incredible atmosphere for our panels and the day was an enjoyable one for all of our attendees."  -  Natalie L., Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football

“Everyone at Dewey Square was so impressed with the museum and all of your stuff—they really made it work beautifully. I’ve now worked on two events in Philadelphia, both at NMAJH, and I don’t know why we’d ever go anywhere else!” – Jenny M., Dewey Square

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